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Our Story

Cruise and Golf Travel, Inc. is a family owned company created by passion; passion for traveling, culture, river cruising and golfing. To understand “Who We Are” as a company, you need to know our story. And our story is a love story born in Paris between a French man excelling in the travel industry and an American woman owning an Interior Design Studio in Chicago. Love at first sight and only the beginning of our adventure.

Born in northern France, Sébastien has spent his life traveling the European continent and studying the various cultures they offer. He holds a degree in Marketing and Applied Foreign Languages from the Sorbonne Paris which led to International Marketing with Microsoft. Realizing foreign travel was his true passion he joined the river cruising industry and spent more than 10 years sharing his love of history, languages, wine and culture with international travelers.

Tricia grew up in a family of avid golfers and spent her childhood on the golf course learning not only the game but the culture that comes with it. Following her passion for continued personal growth she holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Iowa and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Spending 9 years in Corporate Event Planning, she combined her love of golf with her job by organizing corporate trips to the Masters, PGA Championship and US Open.

Bring these two worlds together and you have the birth of Cruise & Golf Travel, Inc. Sébastien enthusiastically embracing the game of golf and Tricia the magic of foreign travel. Our passion permeates every aspect of our business and our lives. Our attention to detail and dedication to exclusivity and top rated service are our foundation. Together we have traveled 23 European countries searching for the ideal locations; you are our first priority.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and wherever you may choose to go, we are confident you’ll have the trip of a lifetime when traveling with us.

Sebastien and Tricia Leroy